AVEDIS 301 . Armenian Liturgy Sounds

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Armenian Liturgy Sounds

Holy Of Holies - Intro - 3:10
Believe 5:01
Divine Grace 3:55
Lamentum 3:34
Ave 4:13
Holy Mother Of God 5:18
The Sacred One 5:22
Lord Have Mercy 4:42
Rejoice 1:49
The Prophecy 4:04
Song Of Prayer 5:01
Holy Of Holies 5:28

Composed and produced by 
Sarkis Gazaryan and Andy Knote.

Djivan Gasparyan, Duduk
Dietrich von Kaltenborn, Cello
Johannes Zhalten,Viola
Felix Gargele,Violin
AVEDIS Symphony Orchestra

Recorded at Toyco Studios and Farao Classics Studio, Munich, 2004
Mixed and mastered by Andy Knote at Toyco Studios, Munich,2004

Published by Arts of Toyco/MdW, Germany


Avedis 301
The Idea April 2002, Vienna –A gala – a world premiere- 
a musical first!

For the first time in musical history, the core melodies of the Armenian liturgy by Gomidas, Yekmalian and Chilingirian had been adapted and composed for a string orchestra.

"At dinner one evening my partner asked what I wanted to do next. I answered like a pistol-shot "an adaptation of the Armenian liturgy for celli and violins! - "Go for it"….was the reply– and I started the very next day…." 

A year later the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, accompanied by the solo duduk player Djivan Gasparyan, conducted by Valery Gergiev ("I want to be the first conductor with this new work"!) played Sarkis Gazaryan´s AVEDIS* (co-composers A. Bela Fischer and Ferry Janoska, orchestration A. Bela Fischer) in Vienna´s world-renowned Musikverein . Sold out, standing ovations and wide press coverage – it was on its way!

Sympathy and empathy between the composer and solo duduk player, led to the idea of a new collaboration.Why not an AVEDIS centred around the duduk? The duduk is "the voice of Armenia"; and the liturgical melodies "Armenia´s soul" …..

AVEDIS 301 is a completely new work – for the composer Gazaryan – the next logical step of his original idea: "The liturgy is a passionate communication with God. It is an expression of love and devotion and ultimately of the core of life. "

Strings, percussion, wood tapping, archaic sounds and in two pieces a "celestial voice" accompany the duduk in a dialogue ranging from pianissimo to the downright dynamic.

*(Armenian for "Glad Tidings")


The Makers How do you find the combination of sacral classic and vibrant modern, plus an immense knowledge of sound engineering – all rolled into one person? This was composer Sarkis Gazaryan´s almost impossible task when he started on the AVEDIS 301 project. Luckily he found Andy Knote!

Sarkis Gazaryan & Paula Domzalski

Sarkis Gazaryan
Producer & composer
Born in Istanbul 1956. 
Grew up in Beirut, Paris, Munich.
Trained originally as a pianist and found his way back to music via photography and film! Numerous works for advertising and documentaries. AVEDIS is his first full length work for orchestra and duduk.

Andy Knote
Producer, composer
Born 1962 in Munich, where he studied music- specializing in Gregorian church music- he founded his studio TOYCO Munich in 1986 and TOYCO Music Publishing in 1994. His range is broad and includes film scores and soundtracks – his success – gold and platinum – even broader…..

Djivan Gasparyan

"The CD AVEDIS is my personal bequest to Sarkis, I would not have played it for anyone else. I know that its in good hands…."

The number one solo duduk player in the world – he is THE duduk. Discovered for the West by Brian Eno in the late eighties, Djivan has risen to international cult status and super-stardom at home. 
A universal musician, he has no reservations with whom or what he plays – it just has to be good! 
The best international symphony orchestras and Quartets; Peter Gabriel, Lionel Richie, Hans Zimmer, signature tunes for "mega" Hollywood productions (Gladiator, The Last Temptation of Christ, Dead Man Walking, The Crow etc.)…the list is endless. 

He combines the traditional musical memory of his Armenian homeland with today. East and West in plaintive, archaic, intense, melodious and elegiac and tones. Based in Armenia, where he was born in 1928, he is constantly on the go, giving sold-out solo concerts (with his trio)all over the world.

"I am a very happy and content person – because I am doing what I want to do…I play songs of lament, songs of love, songs of loss and songs of happiness…" - and that since he was eight years old! 

Djivan accompanied the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with two pieces at the AVEdis premiere in Vienna in April 2002.The completely revised version AVEdis 301, has him playing six of the core melodies of the Armenian liturgy - never previously played by a duduk. "The CD is my personal musical bequest to Sarkis . 
I would not have played the liturgy for anyone else. 
I know that it is in good hands…"

Djivan Gasparyan

AVEDIS 301 Patrons

From the start, 
His Holiness, Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians; † H.E. Kardinal Dr. Franz König
, Vienna ; 
H.E.Archbishop Dr. M. Krikoryan
, Vienna; 
and "Altbürgermeister" Dr. Helmut Zilk, Vienna, 
all generously gave their official support as patrons for the premiere concert in Vienna, April 2002.

The Head of the Armenian Church, 
His Holiness, Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians
and H. E. Archbishop Dr. M. Krikoryan 
have continued as official patrons for AVEDIS 301.

Armenia is the oldest Christian state in the world.
The Armenian church – with a history reaching back over 1700 years - is a symbol of identity and faith for the Armenians living in the international diaspora . The liturgy is the uniting voice of this Christian cultural identity.With the Armenian Church´s Blessing, the
AVEDIS, liturgy-melodies , have started on a journey around the world……

Letter from His Holiness
Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians
To Sarkis Gazaryan *





Press Clippings

AVEDIS World Premiere Concert, Musikverein, 
Vienna, April 2002

A new direction
The Vienna Philharmonic orchestra is treading a new path in a world premiere of Sarkis Gazaryan´s adaptation of the Armenian chorales "AVEDIS" … Valery Gergiev – drawn to spectacular and unusual works will conduct…
NEWS , Vienna

World Premiere in Vienna
"I would have gone anywhere to hear this".. enthused one of the guests-of-honour after the world premiere performance of Sarkis Gazaryan´s "AVEDIS"… Standing ovations for the composer Gazaryan, the conductor Valery Gergiev and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra …
GALA, Germany

Glad Tidings Contra Violence
Glad Tidings – AVEDIS –an emotional firework, core pieces of the traditional Armenian liturgy, arranged and composed by Sarkis Gazaryan, filled the Musikverein. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra carried this musical sensation out into the world under the guidance of the start conductor Valery Gergiev…The world premiere under the patronage of the Armenian Archbishop Mesrob Krikorian, Cardinal Franz König… the tidings were heard by many VIP guests from film, theatre and finance….
KURIER, Austria

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, lead by star conductor Valery Gergiev had on Monday the honour of being the first orchestra to perform the composition of AVEDIS… Soloist was the "living legend" Djivan Gasparyan…Present at the world premiere among others, were Vienna´s Kardinal Franz König….Minister of Culture Franz Morak, Chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Dr. Clemens Hellsberg…..

Vienna, World Premiere
There are very few evenings where tout society gathers that are a pity to miss. The world premiere performance of AVEDIS in Europe´s most beautiful concert hall was one of these… Standing ovations for the composer Sarkis Gazaryan and Maestro Valery Gergiev in the Musikverein, Vienna. "This musical jewel will travel around the world…" "Incredible what the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra have just played…" "Gergiev´s interpretation of AVEDIS is a sensation…" – Quotes from the audience….
BUNTE, Germany

Vienna Hails a Composer Resident in Munich
The Musikverien,Vienna……world-renowned venue of the Vienna Philharmonic´s famous New Year´s Concert (Neujahrskonzert) was the venue for a world premiere of a different sort: The Armenian composer, Sarkis Gazaryan presented his work AVEDIS…producers, media managers, music buffs etc. came especially from Germany to hear the music….
ABENDZEITUNG, Munich, Germany


more press clippings to follow soon...


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